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Monthly archive for April 2013

Harp Inge, Dalton, new roof

Harp Inge, Dalton, new roof

This is a strip & re-cover we did last year. We have posted these pictures by special request from the customer.




John William Street, Huddersfield

John William Street, Huddersfield

Chimney stack refurbishment. The stones of the 3rd chimney were so badly weathered we used a water repellent masonry application to prevent further delapidation

1st Chimney

20130419_111335 DSC00029 20130419_111346 DSC00029


2nd Chimney


20130419_111339 DSC00027


This chimney stack was dangerous to people walking in the street below.




3rd Chimney


2013-04-20 11.41.48 2013-04-20 11.42.10 2013-04-20 11.42.47 2013-04-20 11.59.37 2013-04-20 14.15.53 2013-04-20 14.16.41 2013-04-20 14.16.25


4th Chimney


2013-04-20 14.40.13 2013-04-20 14.40.35 2013-04-20 14.45.39 2013-04-20 14.57.01 2013-04-20 14.57.18

Byram Street, Huddersfield

Byram Street, Huddersfield

Re-sealing leaking cast iron gutter joints which have caused damp on the party wall. This is a 4 stage process. Firstly the gutter is cleared out & dried. Then a coat of primer is applied to ensure  adhesion. Then a polyurethane sealant is injected into the joint to allow for expansion & contraction from hot/cold temperatures. Lastly a top coat of glassfibre reinforced acrylic membrane is applied.


2013-04-20 14.18.47 2013-04-20 14.17.19 2013-04-20 14.19.53 2013-04-20 14.20.19 2013-04-20 14.38.06

St. Peters Street, Huddersfield

Temporary repair to failed bitumen which is due to be replaced.


2013-04-20 15.31.42 2013-04-20 15.32.07 2013-04-20 15.36.21

Reliance Precision Ltd, Lepton

Reliance Precision Ltd, Lepton

Repairs to aluminium clad sheet roof.


20130409_113857 20130409_113949 20130409_113932 20130409_114005

Westbourne Road, Gledholt

GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyurethane) repair to skylight where the glazing had been smashed.


2013-04-05 18.54.16

Connect Housing, Huddersfield

Connect Housing, Huddersfield

The Lead Flashings have been stolen so we are putting them back using Premium Lead Replacement of no value to metal thieves.


2013-02-18 16.36.39 20130404_145007 20130404_145014 20130404_145028 20130404_145033 20130404_145052 20130404_145111 20130404_151239 20130404_151244 20130404_162638 20130404_162646 20130404_162654 20130404_162949 20130404_163001 20130404_163010 DSC00018 DSC00021

Wakefield Road, Fenay Bridge

Wakefield Road, Fenay Bridge

Flat Bay Window Roof sealed using GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyurethane).


2013-04-03 18.57.28 2013-04-03 18.56.26 2013-04-03 18.57.13

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