Eldon Road, Marsh

Eldon Road, Marsh

Installation of new Classic Bond EPDM rubber cap sheet on flat roof with white UPVC drip edge trim, black plastisol coated steel flashings, gulley sealed using polyurethane & re-rendered chimney stack


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York Avenue, Fartown

York Avenue, Fartown

Installation of new Classic Bond EPDM rubber cap sheet, white UPVC fascia trims And lead flashings/chase sealed using polyurethane


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Strip & re-cover of concrete tiled roof using all new eaves felt support trays, vapour permeable breathable membrane pitched roof underlay, tanalised lath battens, milled code 4 lead, Double Roman concrete roof tiles in rustic colour, UPVC dry verge covers system, half round concrete ridge tiles installed with a dry ridge fixing system, white UPVC fascias and black UPVC Ogee guttering, outlets, stop ends & brackets



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Eldon Road, Marsh

Eldon Road, Marsh

Re-pointing the failed mortar on the chimney stack flaunch, water table coping stones lifted, re-bedded & pointed and EPDM rubber roof completed with new white UPVC fascias & trims plus new black UPVC square line guttering, outlet, stop ends, corner union joint & brackets

20161019_121900 20161019_121907 20161019_121916 20161019_130034 20161019_130109 20161019_130251 20161019_130307

Installation of polyethylene vapour barrier, 18mm OSB roof board and repairs to the perished bitumen under felt using breathable membrane pitched roof underlay plus installation of Classic Bond EPDM rubber cap sheet



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Repairs to the perished bitumen under felt using breathable membrane pitched roof underlay2016-10-15-17-57-49




20161014_131554 20161014_13255520161014_132604 20161014_132559

Stripping off the concrete roof tiles, lath battens & perished bitumen under felt plus lifting, re-bedding & pointing the ridge tiles and water table coping stones

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Stripping off the concrete roof tiles, water table coping stones, lath battens & perished bitumen under felt which has been causing damp inside the property to install new breathable membrane pitched roof underlay & eaves felt support trays to resolve the problems

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Over Hall Park, Mirfield

Over Hall Park, Mirfield

Stripping off the concrete roof tiles, lath battens & perished bitumen under felt to install new vapour permeable breathable membrane pitched roof underlay & tanalised lath battens. Then re-fixing the tiles replacing any that were damaged or broken

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Re-fixing the concrete roof tiles & dry verge covers plus installation of gutter brushes

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Stripping off the  ridge tiles, dry verge covers, concrete roof tiles, lath battens & perished bitumen under felt to install new vapour permeable breathable membrane pitched roof underlay and tanalised lath battens

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Roof inspection revealing perished bitumen under felt which is at the end of it’s working life

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Lowergate, Paddock

Lowergate, Paddock

Lifting the water table coping stones to carry out repairs to the bitumen under felt using vapour permeable breathable membrane pitched roof underlay and removing the redundant chimney stack which has been causing damp inside the propertyimg-20161001-wa0002 img-20161001-wa0003 img-20161001-wa0005 img-20161001-wa0006 img-20161001-wa0007 img-20161001-wa0008 img-20161001-wa0009 img-20161003-wa0000 img-20161003-wa0001 img-20161003-wa0002 img-20161003-wa0003 img-20161003-wa0003a img-20161003-wa0004 img-20161003-wa0005 img-20161003-wa0006