When this property was built approx. 150 years ago the gulley behind the parapet coping stones had good flow but over time the building has settled causing the gulley to lose it’s flow. Consequently the rain water has got into the building under the laps on the lead. The mortar chase for the lead apron in front of the coping stones on the string course has also failed. This has led to damp problems around the windows at the front of the house so serious that the plaster has collapsed. We have stripped out the slates above the laps on the lead in the gulley in order to seal them completely. Next we re-fixed all the slates, replacing any that were broken or damaged. Then we removed the failed mortar from the lead chase & sealed it using polyurethane. Finally we applied a PVA wash to the front of the property & re-pointed the bonds between the Ashlar blocks.


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  1. I would like to say a huge thankyou to phil and his men for helping me and sorting my roof out today. This company is the most efficient, reliable and honest company ive ever come across and very reasonably priced too.Iv had a number of cowboys work on my roof and not one them resolved the problems id had with it and happily took over £1500. I chose to go with phil as I had read some reviews (which most roofers don’t have) and was impressed with what I read. The reviews are all so true and I wanted to share my experience with Assured Pro Roofing to help people who are in a similar situation to me. You will not be disappointed thats for sure. The before and after pictures are fantastic and really reassure you that works been done and the issues resolved. Thanx again guys,at least I can sleep in piece tonight!

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