Customer Care
& Resident Liaison Procedure

Our aim is to consistently provide positive and effective communication with residents when undertaking any manner of work. We believe that residents should be at the centre of what we do, who make sure that residents feel safe, respected and secure at all times. Their experience and training in working with a diverse range of residents ensures that we are able to promote a working environment where residents are treated equally, with respect for their culture and individual needs.

Our approach to maintaining the highest levels of customer service. This enables Assured Pro Roofing to provide a service of the highest quality.

Access to Property

All visits to a property must be made by a previously notified appointment. We always try to keep to appointments however, if we are unable to attend due to an emergency or an unforeseen event then we will try to contact you immediately to apologise, explain the situation, and arrange another appointment at your convenience.


We will not use resident telephones unless in a medical or life threatening emergency.

Post Care & Maintenance

If you are having a new roof installed we can arrange one of our maintenance packages for after sales care. For a minimal fee we will clear out your gutters twice a year and keep your roof working.

Call 0800 195 1963


Undertaking work

Throughout the duration of the work it will always be our intention to:

  • Support residents throughout the process
  • Ensure residents are informed about ongoing works through meetings and newsletters, including information prior to the work commencing with the option of a response should there be mitigating circumstances that requires the work to be rescheduled

All residents are entitled to feel safe, respected and secure. With this in mind we will:

  • Adhere to all safeguarding policies
  •  Be polite and courteous at all times
  • Work within permitted hours
  • Wear any Personal Safety Equipment provided
  • Park vehicles responsibly
  • Treat homes with respect, including gardens and communal areas
  • Clean up at the end of each working day and leave all premises safe and secure
  • Not smoke in resident’s homes, and follow all premises smoking policies when on site
  • Not consume alcohol
  • Provide additional support for vulnerable or disabled residents