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Stanwell Avenue, Birkby

Stanwell Avenue, Birkby

Sealing the flat roof area using GRP.




Pebble dash rendering of the parapet wall & gable end brick work.


IMG-20160121_125105 IMG-20160121_125110 IMG-20160121_125128 IMG-20160121_125132 IMG-20160121_125136 IMG-20160121_125213 IMG-20160121-WA0000 IMG-20160121-WA0001 IMG-20160121-WA0002 IMG-20160121-WA0003 IMG-20160121-WA0004 IMG-20160121-WA0005 IMG-20160121-WA0007 IMG-20160121-WA0008


Re-fixing the tiles, lead soakers & flashings. Removal of the old render, lifting the parapet wall coping stones & preparation of the flat roof area.


IMG-20160120-WA0008IMG-20160120-WA000420160120_145924 20160120_145955 IMG-20160120-WA0000 IMG-20160120-WA0001 IMG-20160120-WA0002 IMG-20160120-WA0003 IMG-20160120-WA0005 IMG-20160120-WA0006 IMG-20160120-WA0009 IMG-20160120-WA0009a IMG-20160120-WA0010 IMG-20160120-WA0010a IMG-20160120-WA0010b IMG-20160120-WA0012 IMG-20160120WA0013bIMG-20160120-WA0013 IMG-20160120-WA0013a IMG-20160120-WA0014 IMG-20160120-WA0015 IMG-20160120-WA0016 IMG-20160120-WA0017 IMG-20160120-WA0018 IMG-20160120-WA0019 IMG-20160120-WA0020 IMG-20160120-WA0021 IMG-20160120-WA0022 IMG-20160120-WA0023 IMG-20160120-WA0041 IMG-20160120-WA0042 IN20160120_154531 IN20160120_154548 IN20160120_154550 IN20160120_154553 IN20160120_154603 IN20160120_154610 IN20160120_154621 IN20160120_154630


Repairs to perished/missing bitumen under felt using breathable membrane pitched roof underlay & eaves felt support trays.


20151230_121753 20151230_121800 20151230_121806 20151230_121808 20151230_121812_027 20151230_121827 20151230_121833 20151230_12185020151230_12184220151230_121838 20151230_121933 20160119_111700 20160119_111800 20160119_111923 20160119_111924 20160119_111931 20160119_111938 20160119_111945 20160119_111955 20160119_111959 20160119_112004 20160119_112130 20160119_112138 20160119_120012 20160119_120022 20160119_120416 20160119_121618 20160119_121625 20160119_130242 20160119_130249 20160119_130250 20160119_130251 20160119_130252 20160119_130254 20160119_131850 20160119_131856 20160119_132752 20160119_135058 20160119_135110 20160119_141553 20160119_141603 20160119_141608 20160119_142031 20160119_142243 20160119_143257 20160119_143607

The Wellington Public House, Huddersfield

The Wellington Public House, Huddersfield

Preparing & sealing the flat roof deck, upstands, lead flashings & window ledges using GRP.


IMG-20151127_130904IMG-20151127_131035 IMG-20151229_114706IMG-20151127_131750 IMG-20151127_131837 IMG-20151229_114639 IMG-20151229_114647 IMG-20151229_114658 IMG-20160116-WA0000 IMG-20160116-WA0008 IMG-20160116-WA0011 IMG-20160116-WA0012 IMG-20160116-WA0012a IMG-20160116-WA0013 IMG-20160116-WA0014 IMG-20160116-WA0017 IMG-20160116-WA0018 IMG-20160116-WA0019 IMG-20160116-WA0020 IMG-20160116-WA0021 IMG-20160116-WA0022 IMG-20160116-WA0023 IMG-20160116-WA0024 IMG-20160116-WA0025 IMG-20160116-WA0026 IMG-20160116-WA0026a IMG-20160116-WA0026aa IMG-20160116-WA0026b IMG-20160116-WA0026c IMG-20160116-WA0027 IMG-20160116-WA0028 IMG-20160116-WA0030 IMG-20160116-WA0031 IMG-20160116-WA0031a (1) IMG-20160116-WA0031a (2) IMG-20160116-WA0032 IMG-20160116-WA0033 IMG-20160116-WA0034 IMG-20160116-WA0035 IMG-20160116-WA0035a IMG-20160116-WA0035b IMG-20160116-WA0035c IMG-20160116-WA0035d IMG-20160116-WA0036 IMG-20160116-WA0037 IMG-20160116-WA0038 IMG-20160116-WA0038a IMG-20160116-WA0039 IMG-20160116-WA0043 IMG-20160116-WA0044 IMG-20160116-WA0045 IMG-20160116-WA0045a IMG-20160116-WA0046

The Buddhist Centre, Birkby

The Buddhist Centre, Birkby

Preparing & sealing the flat roof deck, parapet wall upstands & coping stone bonds using GRP.


20160111-WA0000 20160111-WA0001 20160112_110424 20160112_110430 20160112_110435 20160112_110442 20160112_110446 20160112_110454 20160112_110642 20160112_110649 20160112_110654 20160112_110658 20160112_110700 20160112_111001 20160112_111006 20160112_120003 20160112_120005 20160112_120009 20160112_120010 20160112_120013 20160112_120908 20160112_120927 20160112_120934

Woodside Road, Beaumont Park

Woodside Road, Beaumont Park

Preparing & sealing the chimney stack & flat roof area using GRP.


20151223_125022 20151223_125148 20151223_125156 20151223_125202 20151218_125742 20151218_125753 20151218_125800 20151218_125804 20151218_125813 20151218_125823 20151218_125828 20151218_132815 20151218_132820

Highcliffe Avenue, Birkby

Highcliffe Avenue, Birkby

Long Hill Road, Brackenhall

Long Hill Road, Brackenhall

Sealing the lead chase where the old mastic has failed using polyurethane.


20151118_124401 20151118_124431 20151118_124411 20151118_131025  20151118_131029

The Wellington Public House, Huddersfield

The Wellington Public House, Huddersfield

Repairs to leak at the abutment.


IMG-20150819-WA0019 IMG-20150819-WA0019a IMG-20150819-WA0021 IMG-20150819-WA0022 IMG-20150819-WA0023


Preparing & sealing leaking gulley/coping stones using GRP.


20150812_133158 20150812_133208 20150812_133214 20150812_133253 IMG-20150812-WA0001 IMG-20150812-WA0004 IMG-20150812-WA0005 j20150812_141253 j20150812_141313 jIMG-20150812-WA0000 jIMG-20150812-WA0002 jIMG-20150812-WA0003

Springwood Hall Gardens, Gledholt

Springwood Hall Gardens, Gledholt

Installation of white GRP top coat. This top coat in white has high UV reflective qualities which gives it a longer lifespan & keeps the building cooler in hot sunny weather

20140806_16041720140806_160422 20140806_160428 20140806_160433 20140806_164807 20140806_165611 20140806_165616 20140806_171750 20140806_171757

Laying the fibreglass chopped strand reinforcement mat.

20140804_14270620140804_142721 20140804_142725 20140804_143055 20140804_143104 20140804_144455 20140804_144503 20140804_144506 20140804_144929

Removal of chippings followed by priming of the bitumen deck

20140729_102757 20140729_102812 20140729_102847 20140729_103046 20140729_132552 20140729_132557 20140729_132617 20140729_132656

Percival Street, Longwood

Percival Street, Longwood

Installation of new rubber EPDM cap sheet, fibre glass flashings, gutter, downpipe, trims & repairs to rotten window frame20140714_15395320140714_15382120140714_153826


20140709_174027_resized 20140709_174031_resized 20140709_174034_resized 20140709_174603_resized 20140709_174607_resized 20140709_174612_resized


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