Strip & re-cover of bay window flat roof. Removal of the failed green mineral cap sheet & installation of new Classic Bond EPDM rubber cap sheet & UPVC trims. Classic Bond EPDM has a 20 year  manufacturer’s warranty.


20151201_142839 20160120_101411 IMG-20160120-WA0031 IMG-20160120-WA0033 IMG-20160120-WA0034 IMG-20160120-WA0035 IMG-20160120-WA0036 IMG-20160120-WA0037 IMG-20160120-WA0037a IMG-20160120-WA0037b IMG-20160120-WA0039IMG-20160120-WA0037ba IMG-20160120-WA0037bb IMG-20160120-WA0037c IMG-20160120-WA0037d IMG-20160120-WA0037fIMG-20160120-WA0037e IMG-20160120-WA0038 IMG-20160120-WA0038a IMG-20160120-WA0041 IMG-20160120-WA0043

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